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On the Poverty of Student Life:
considered in its economic, political, psychological, sexual, and particularly intellectual aspects, and a modest proposal for its remedy
by U.N.E.F. Strasbourg

First published in 1966 at the University of Strasbourg by students of the university and members of the Internationale Situationniste.

A few students elected to the student union printed 10,000 copies with university funds. The copies were distributed at the official ceremony marking the beginning of the academic year. The student union was promptly closed by court order. The judge's summation is reproduced here.

We might very well say, and no one would disagree with us, that the student is the most universally despised creature in France, apart from the priest and the policeman. Naturally he is usually attacked from the wrong point of view, with specious reasons derived from the ruling ideology. He may be worth the contempt of a true