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June, 1

Night session of SU
Video of readings

May, 11

Direct action "Religion is Stomatology"
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Video (2)

On Solynoy after action.

April, 20

SU, devoted to the theme "Languages of authority"
Themes of lectures

April, 13

SU, devoted to the theme "Freedom and/or University"
Themes of lectures

March, 23
Themes of lectures and text of poems

March, 16
The SU's newly minted auditors listened to talks on the perception of students in Russian society, activism as amoralism, and Badiou's concept of the event.
Themes of lectures

lecture "Student must...": idea of student in official discurse "
by Mariya Levchenko

March, 9
The first Street University took place on Solyanoi Pereulok, a pedestrian street in central Petersburg. A crowd of nearly seventy listened to talks on student self-consciousness, student unions in the US, pre-Revolutionary student solidarity, Situationism and 1968, and how to dress when your university is closed and you find yourself out on the cold streets. The event brought together students, grad students and teachers from various Petersburg universities, community activists, artists, journalists, and just plain concerned citizens.
Themes of lectures

workshop “How to dress during winter session in the Street University”
by Polina Zaslavskaya

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